At Macs Clean we offer driveway cleaning and sidewalk cleaning services to homeowners needing to remove harsh stains and elements from their property. We understand that your driveway and pavement is one of the first areas people see of your home, and because of that it should be clean and inviting. Macs Clean can help get your driveway and pavement looking like new again!

Some of the substances that residential pavements and driveways are often damaged by are paint, oil, fertilizer, battery acid, and many other harsh elements. These substances can make pavements and driveways ugly with stains and potentially dangerous. If these kinds of stains are not removed quickly it is harder to remove them and causes your house to look run-down. With the right equipment, detergents, and knowledge our team of experts can easily remove these types of stains from concrete.

If you are a homeowner you have also likely had a problem with fluid from your car leaking onto your driveway and damaging it. There are special chemicals and specific steps that need to be taken in order to properly clean concrete that has been stained with a harmful substance. In many cases homeowners spend time and money on multiple store bought chemicals to clean their stains, just to have it still there in the end. Our employees have the skills and the knowledge to get your driveway cleaning job done right.