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Professional Landscaping Service Company


Driveway Cleaning


We offer a range of hard surface driveway cleaning services.

Decking Restoration


If your decking looks a little tired and dirty, Macs provides an expert and professional decking cleaning service.

Conservatory Cleaning

Regular conservatory cleaning is essential to maintain the clean pristine of your conservatory roof and frame.

Graffiti Removal

We are proud to offer a graffiti removal service around most areas of the Northwest and we are able to remove all different types of graffiti from different surfaces.

Moss / Algae Removal


Moss and algae growth can seriously impair the look of your building. From your roof to your walls and your ground surfaces cleaning and maintenance is essential.

Patio / Pathway Cleaning


We use the latest high pressure equipment to achieve some outstanding results.



Superior Landscaping Solutions

Block Paving & Reseal

After cleaning or restoring your driveway or patio surface there is the option of sealing it with a premium grade acrylic or polyurethane driveway or patio sealer – most sealers are available as a traditional matt sealer (low sheen) or the popular gloss sealer (high sheen – wet look).

Indian Sandstone Paving

Whatever your desired project, sandstone paving can be used to achieve the stylish effect you’re looking for. Sandstone is one of the more popular building materials because of its all-round quality. Durable but easy to install and available in a range of colours, sandstone is ideal for use in garden paths, driveways and other features.



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