Moss can be particularly damaging to shingles and wood, making regular moss removal and prevention an important part of upkeep for roofs, decks and walkways. Left unchecked moss can build up and damage roof integrity leading to leaks, decay and the need for costly roofing replacement which can run high into the thousands.

Our moss removal service generally involves two processes; removal of existing moss spores and application of moss preventative treatment. First, we agitate the moss away from shingles and other surfaces using hand tools to eliminate the chance for collateral damage to your roof. Once spores have been removed we lay down moss treatment to kill moss at the roots to prevent grow back. Moss preventative treatment is good for at least one year, and can significantly impact the life of your roof.

Without removal, moss treatment can leave unsightly brown patches on the roof that may still grow from the root, and without treatment there is a good chance the moss will return shortly. When combined, these two services make a highly effective barrier against moss growth.

Upon completion of our moss removal services you’ll see a roof clear of growth and restored to it’s former charm. Beyond visual appeal, your roof will also be safer to navigate in the future for spot repairs or other maintenance activities by eliminating the slick surfaces that moss patches can cause.