Moss, lichen and algae on a roof disturb the flow of rainwater across the roof surface. Growth thrives where the supply of moisture is best and establishes itself where the slates overlap, especially along the lower edge (the tail end) of the slate. It becomes a self-perpetuating problem and this can lead to a host of associated problems.

The main problems are listed below:-

. More moss, lichen and algae growth
. Water retention by roof tiles – this can lead to damp areas internally
. Roof tiles may crack because of frost penetration
. The roof may look unsightly due to dirt and pollutants

Our roof cleaning moss removal service is different to most. We address the problem at its roots so to speak.

Cleaning Process
We prefer to use a process we call “Softwashing”. It is basically chemical cleaning opposed to high-pressure cleaning. The result is not instant, but it is deep and the results are outstanding. This method is far gentler and we use it to clean listed buildings, where the use of high-pressure equipment would damage the surface. If the roof needs moss removal for a quick sale, in this instance we would resort to high-pressure washing.

Roof Cleaning Process
This method we call soft washing using safe a bio-degradable chemical applied at low pressure so as not to damage the roof.

We also undertake other methods of moss removal and moss control. Please feel free to contact us for free impartial advice on any aspect of our roof cleaning and moss removal services.